The Death of John Travolta’s Son

Jett - John Travolta's son When John Travolta’s son died, it was a national tragedy that affected millions of people. John Travolta’s and Kelly Preston’s son, Jett, died on January 2nd, 2009 in a nationally televised and widely publicized media frenzy that happened while the family was on a vacation in the Bahamas. Jett had a history of seizures, and the official death certificate from the Bahamas showed that the son died from a seizure. The death certificate was issued in the Bahamas. He had a history of seizures connected to his early childhood diagnosis of the disease Kawasaki disease. Since it was a source of speculation for a long period of time, John Travolta eventually testified that his son had autism and had seizures regularly, and this trial was only necessary because it was part of an extortion attempt on the part of someone that wanted to exploit the death for profit.