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You couldn’t get a full sense of John Travolta movies without examining the top 5 John Travolta movies of all time. These movies exemplify the diverse characteristics that John Travolta can portray on the screen in memorable ways.

His top five movies include Grease (1978), Saturday Night Fever (1977), Look Who’s Talking (1989), Pulp Fiction (1994), and Face/Off (1994). The latter two movies, by directors John Woo and Quentin Tarantino, established John Travolta as a serious actor that could play in crime action roles that would define him as the leading man in the genre. John Travolta tends to be like a chameleon that can play any role well, whether the good guy or the bad guy, and be just as believable in each.

In Grease, he demonstrated his singing and dancing skills in a powerful way that captured the sentiments of a whole generation. In Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta again took on the dancing scene with disco in a way that allowed him to re-capture another generation. In Look Who’s Talking, he entered the family comedy mainstream and spawned two sequels. In Pulp Fiction, he again captured a generation by reprising his talents at bringing a whole generation under his domain by dancing. In this case, he was a 1990’s gangster with a 1950’s retro dance scene going on. In Face/Off, he showed that he could play both the bad character and good character. John Travolta’s ability to capture an entire generation, the look, feel, and presence of it, with a dancing scene makes him unique. His most famous roles usually show him in a dancing scene. He even had a dancing scene in Look Who’s Talking. John Travolta movies are also known to feature emotional action-packed scenes that combine action with human emotion like most of his later roles. His earlier roles demonstrate this tremendous capacity to have human catharsis throughout the films, going from extremely happy to extremely outlandish in a matter of minutes. This kind of character formation is fascinating to watch. His character arc is legendary, and many people ascertain that he is a natural actor because of his success at an early age on Broadway and on television without much actor training. His top five movies have also earned several awards, and he was nominated for best actor for his role in Pulp Fiction.

John Travolta is continuing to elevate audience’s expectations for what all leading male actors are supposed to act like.

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