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Renowned, iconic, legendary, prominent, star, world-known — this list of titles concerning John Travolta (I wonder if there is a person who doesn't know who he is) can be continued by many other words to display Travolta's ultimate achievements in the field of acting. Whatever the list is, but probably the closing and most honorable title will be “the greatest world actor” as Travolta is about to receive German Golden Camera award in Berlin on February 5.

The Golden Camera award in arguably one of the most prestigious awards not only in Germany but in the whole world either. Initially it was organized by the television Horzu magazine as rigidly German award, but in 1987 — twenty-two years after its foundation — the list of nominees was expanded, embracing the international actors as well. American luminaries such as Bruce Willis, Richard Gere, Sylvester Stallone and Nicolas Cage are already respectable owners of the Golden Camera award. Actually, the award itself is rather pretty: this is an 18 k, gold-plated silver replica model of the first TV camera.

"Receiving the Golden Camera best actor international award is a huge honor for me," the actor said. "Over the past few months, so many positive things have happened to my family and me: Becoming a dad again has ignited such joy within me. ... But I also take great pride in my work, and it's wonderful to have it recognized in such a way."

This is a rare actor who can worm into each of his roles for viewers to discern a character rather than an actor. And John Travolta proved it by his acting talents and professionalism. He is Tony Manero from 'Saturday Night Fever', Vincent Vega from 'Pulp Fiction', Woody Stevens from 'Wild Hogs', he is the one who brought all these and not only movies to the status of modern classic.

John Travolta is a versatile personality being an actor, dancer, producer, writer and singer. He has been praised for his achievements by multitude of nominations and a number of awards, including the Globe Award for Best Actor award and two nominations for the Academy Award for Best Actor. But indeed, the Golden Camera is likely the greatest reward given to recognition of Travolta's multiple talents.

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