From Paris with Love DVD and Blu-ray on June 8th | John Travolta Movies

Directed by Pierre Morel, From Paris with Love stars Rhys Meyers and John Travolta. Meyers is a young aide who wants to become a bona fide agent while Travolta is the trigger happy agent spoiling for a fight.

From Paris with love DVD and Blu ray formats will provide impeccable audio and visual aspects to deliver high quality action. The DVD format will be selling at $ 29.95 SRP and the Blu ray version will be selling at $ 39.99. In the movie, Meyers is James Reese while Travolta is Charlie Wax. These two bring in a lot of action as the plot of the movie further unfolds. At first Reese seems to be having things panning out his way. Apart from making advancement in his career, he also has a hot and sexy French girlfriend. Things change when Reese is assigned to work with John Travolta who starts shedding some insightful truths about the relationship of Reece and the girlfriend.

Like in all other John Travolta movies , he does not fail to deliver in this one as he tries to backtrack the plans of an impeding terrorist attack. From the start, Travolta gets young Reese in more action than he though possible and he starts having second thoughts about his choice. However as the movie progresses, young Reese realizes that he has to trust Travolta if he wants to survive. This John Travolta movie showcases him as a nut case who uses unconventional ways to pass on his message. As it turns out the people that Reese trusted the most turn out to be among those that they are hunting down and John Travolta helps this young novice make the decision on whether to choose service to the country or personal friendships. By the end of the movie, these two form a good relationship as Reese gets to learn a couple new things about the job from Travolta.

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