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John Travolta's Boeing 707: Extraordinary Man, Extraordinary Hobbies

John Travolta is a living legend in Hollywood today. He is a very successful actor, dancer and singer. He hails from a family of entertainers, and all his siblings, two brothers and three sisters have all worked in films, TV or as dancers. Right from his childhood, Travolta had two passions in his life, dancing and aviation. He pursued acting and dancing as his career but at the same time kept alive his dream of flying an airplane.

As a 10 year old kid, Travolta would observe the paths of the flights of the nearest airports. He read many books on aviation and was very interested in DC-6’s and DC-7’s. Even when he was a child, he played a captain in his backyard and asked girls in the neighborhood to wear uniforms and become flight attendants.

Not many would know, but John Travolta is a commercial pilot license holder and has been flying his private plane for quite some time now. He is the only ‘common man’ in the country to own a Boeing 707. He does not merely own it, but also uses it whenever he so desires. He flies it often and parks it next to it his house. He has been maintaining a private crew of 6 people, all of whom wear navy blue uniforms along with Travolta, and yes, how could I miss the jaunty white caps worn by all of them. Travolta often uses his 707 as a family van and flies across the country whenever he feels like it.

The Boeing 707 that Travolta owns today was manufactured way back in 1964 and Qantas became its first proud owner. The company primarily used it for flights from Sydney to Asia and North and South America. After four years in service, the plane was withdrawn from use and stood engineless at Sydney Airport. Braniff International Airways purchased it in 1968 and they also used it for 4 years. In 1972, the plane was purchased by Frank Sinatra who used it till 1975. The manufacturing company, Boeing purchased it in 1975 but again sold it to Kirk. One Sheikh from Saudi Arabia also leased it for a short time.

After changing hands a few more times, the jet finally came in the hands of John Travolta who has been using it for the last 12 years. It is now registered as Jet Clipper Johnny LLC ( John Travolta) which was later changed as Jet clipper Ella, so names because of his children named Jett and Ella.


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