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The Move To NY: John Travolta And Kelly Preston

The urge to move away from the spotlights of Hollywood could be the major reason behind the decision of John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston to make the permanent move to N.Y or alternatively, it could be the fact that the couple is expecting a baby. Preston, who is 47, is pregnant with the third child and while the couple move has raised a hullabaloo, the estate they have their eyes on is a sight to behold. Ranked at the $2.5 million mark and situated in Finger Lakes, all the details of an ideal home are properly addressed. Some of the features it boasts of include; a boat deck, Cathedral ceilings and a lap pool. What is more, it also has breathtaking gardens and bars which are located both on the inside and the outside.

Though this is not completely confirmed, this choice could be definite and this is not for the simple reason that his people have been visiting the area frequently but also due to other factors too. At this point, it is ideal to note that John is a great fun of flying and holds a pilots license which dates back to 1974. Aged 56, he has a couple of small sized planes and since his current home in Florida has a runway, it would only be logical that he would eye property that has a spacious sir field. Therefore, this estate represents this and for this reason, making it the perfect choice for Travolta.

Located in the quiet and small waterfront Village of Wayne, this could be the most ideal place for the 47 year old Preston to raise the latest addition to the Travolta family. What is more, it will be the perfect way to welcome the baby. Though the move is not completely confirmed, it will only be a matter of time before the ultimate move is made.


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