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Have Some Humor With Old Dogs Movie

Old Dogs Movie
Directed by Walt Becker, Old Dogs is a humor filled movie with John Travolta that explores the lives of two long time friends stuck up with the illusion that they are still young.

The old dog’s blu ray review meets all the features that make a production outstanding. The pictures and the sound of the blu ray production are crisp and clear. By watching the old dogs, the audience gets to learn that these long term friends are John Travolta who stars as Charlie and Robin Williams who stars as Dan. John Travolta and his friend have established a successful sports company and some of the things these two did in the past are shared out during sales meeting. In essence, the show depicts them as fun loving individuals and during one of their expeditions, his friend Williams ends up getting married to a woman he barely knows but gets the marriage annulled soon afterwards.

Williams plans to meet with the woman he had married thinking that she is still in love with him only to find out that they had twins he never knew about. The fun part then begins as he has to take care of the twins because apparently, their mum has to go to jail for 2 weeks. Things start falling apart as John Travolta tries to help his friend learn some parenting skills. The kids prove to be a handful as they mix up medications used by these two friends. The results are overwhelmingly laughable as the side effects of the mix up start to show off in their mannerisms and all this, at important functions.

It is entertaining to see the way John Travolta tries to help Williams bond with the kids and ends up failing miserably. However finally, John Travolta succeeds by hiring an old friend to help Williams with this endeavor and they manage to pull it off and the movie takes a different turn. The ending is equally laughable as they try to make it to his daughter’ birthday party. Walt Becker definitely did a good casting with this movie.

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