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John Travolta’s Wonderful Family

John Travolta Family

John Travolta is an amazing man with a wonderful family. Kelly Preston always said she would marry John Travolta, and she eventually did. After her marriage to John, she had two children by him. The first was Jett who was born on April 13, 1992, and the second was Ella Bleu, born on April 3, 2000. Travolta had had a previous relationship with the actress, Diana Hyland, but she died of breast cancer previously.

He loves his family very much, but his son, Jett, died on January 2, 2009 in the Bahamas, and it connected him to a multi-million dollar extortion attempt, but it still did not break apart his family. He was given the death certificate which read that he died from seizures. John’s Son, Jett, had suffered from seizures most of his life and had been diagnosed with Kawasaki disease, but John refused to treat him. There was severe controversy stirring around this fact around the time of his death. The family has become even stronger after the unfortunate events of Jett’s death. There was some talk of expanding the family according to John and Kelly in 2007, but there were no official plans that came to any fruition. John says he loves children because it keeps the energy wonderful and hopeful. He grew up with six kids in his own family, and he says he would like to replicate that number at some future point. John

Travolta also says he loves watching his children grow up because they are wonderful, fascinating, beautiful, changing, offering new thoughts and ideas, and he just loves watching them grow up. Therefore, John seeks to become a father in more ways than two, pun intended. Kelly Preston is also not averse to having kids, and she wants to go along with John’s wishes on the matter. John says that children are his future, and he always looks to them as a point to increase his life potential and experience and as a springboard of enthusiasm. John is 56 and Kelly is 47. Both are still madly in love, and they show no signs of a strained marriage or getting divorced, like so many Hollywood couples do. They are the dominant Hollywood couple with more blockbusters coming out with John Travolta every year. The couple has vowed to make children a big possibility for the future if they can get around to doing it.


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